East West Estate: Translation agency specialising<br>in real estate documentation
Translation agency specialising
in real estate documentation
Translations in the following sectors: real estate, legal, technical, architecture, public buildings and works sector, design
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   Who are we?
   How do I proceed in securing your services?
   Can I get a free sample of your services?
   How does payment work?
Who are we?


East West Estate is a division of the Belgian Web-Refer Group, Rue Emile Vandervelde 30, 5140 Ligny, Belgium. Tel: + 32 486 27 70 37. Fax: + 32 2 416 64 90.

The basic idea is to provide businesses with an integrated service that concerns the management of their website (creation, development and translation of web pages), the everyday management of their international relations (translation of websites and all document types), quality management of documents produced (correction, improvement and formatting of all document types) and access to external quality tools (international press, online dictionaries and grammar tools, search engines).

As our company structure is centred on the Web, we have reduced our overheads as far as possible, which allows us to offer prices that are much lower than those of other, more traditional agencies.

How do I proceed in securing your services?


If one of our services is of interest to you, all you need do is write to us - in your own language - at the address shown at the foot of each page. As a general rule, we will respond within 24 hours. A discussion then begins via email between you and the specialist whose services you want. When you have obtained all the information that you need, we send you a clear, irrevocable quote. If you accept to it through our purchase order, all you then have to do is send your document as an email file attachment. It will be returned to you in the same way, within the timeframe set in the quote.

We are also at your disposal by fax: + 32 270 051 21 (or telephone, on + 32 486 27 70 37).

Can I get a free sample of your services?


Yes, but only in the translation sphere and if you also give us details of your project. Each translator has undertaken to provide, free of charge for potential clients, ten lines as proof of the quality of our services. Regrettably, it is not possible to offer this in our other spheres of activity.

How does payment work?


We ask our clients use any of the following payment methods:

  • Directly to our Translatin Web-Refer bank account: BBL-ING BELGIUM 310-1658686-72, 26, rue d'Arlon, 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM, IBN : BE39310161973619.
  • By Eurocheque or International Cheque sent to Translatin Web-Refer Sprl, c/o Jean Labarre, Rue Emile Vandervelde 30, 5140 Ligny, Belgium
  • By International Money Order addressed in the same way.

As a commercial relationship on the Web is only of one of relative closeness, we want to establish a real sense of trust though the following means.

For all of your orders, we will send you a contract that we would like returned to us, duly signed, by fax on 00 32 2 610 99 86.

You will systematically receive, either by email or post, a detailed invoice for the services we have provided to you.

2008 / East West Estate is a division of Web-Refer sprl, Rue Emile Vandervelde 30, 5140 Ligny, Belgium