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  Property management has become a fundamental component of the real estate market, particularly for the management of properties acquired abroad, whether or not they are rented out during periods in which the owners are absent.
  There are many services that cover such management: monitoring and maintenance of the properties, buildings insurance, collection of rent payments and rent guarantees, fee management, looking for tenants, legal defence, leases and inventories, etc.
  It goes without saying that such a property management contract abroad requires accurate, reliable translations as the documents set the rights and duties of the signatories.
  The translation of property management contracts carries with it its own specific problems. The same can certainly be said of others areas of translation. However, translation in the sphere of contract law presents very particular characteristics.
  Knowledge of various translation procedures constitutes the very foundation of a translator's technical skill. In the translation of contracts, there are various dimensions to that skill. Law is a discipline inextricably linked to language, a language which is subject to standards that govern both its form and its substance. Each legal system has its own specific internal structure and lexicon. The translator must therefore know the procedures that will allow him, first of all, to grasp the legal remit of the text, to grasp the meaning of the text and, finally, to express that remit and that meaning in the target text, in accordance with the norms and uses of the language and the legal system of the receptor culture.
  It often happens that a client who is unfamiliar with the legal content of an original document entrusts the translation thereof to a person who does not have the right credentials to be up to the task. Such a situation of two-fold ignorance of the legal sphere occurs more often than one would think.
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