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  In architecture, carcase work refers to all the works that constitute the shell of a given building: foundations, walls and flooring. In order to complete it, architects, engineers and construction companies must produce a number of documents: plans, stress resistance calculations, site management, technical specifications, etc.
  In international projects or constructions abroad, those documents need to be translated. Any inaccuracies in the translation of such documents can lead to disaster - sometimes in the strict sense of the term.
  The translation of technical documents carries with it its own specific problems. The same can certainly be said of others areas of translation. However, translation in the sphere of construction presents very particular characteristics and brings with it onerous long-term responsibilities.
  Knowledge of various translation procedures and lexical research constitutes the very foundation of a translator's technical skill. In construction translations, there are various dimensions to that skill. Each profession in the sphere of construction has its own specific internal structure and lexicon. The translator must therefore know the procedures that will allow him, first of all, to grasp the remit of the text, to grasp the meaning of the text and, finally, to express that remit and that meaning in the target text.
  It often happens that a client who has not properly assessed the technical difficulty of an original document entrusts the translation thereof to a person who does not have the right credentials to be up to the task. Such a situation can lead to a spate of difficulties, the long-term implications of which that person will struggle to grasp.
  A terrace collapses in 2129 because of a poor translation of technical specifications in 2007... Unfortunately that can happen without anyone being aware of the root cause of the accident.
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